Hi Kehinde!

Thank you for taking time out to chat with us today.

Firstly, could you tell us a little bit more about your journey through this industry and what inspired you to be an artist?

I have always had an interest in arts since my childhood days, but I started making it commercially last year. What inspired me to go into art was the general creation process and the need to express how I felt about certain things or issues. It helps me put them on paper without the need to voice them out.

Are you saying that most of your artworks were drawn from your emotions?

Yes, my current artworks!

Looking at your educational background in architecture, do you think this has an influence on your art practice, or has your artistic streak influenced your choice of study?

I was interested in arts way before architecture. People didn’t see arts as a viable business venture, so I had to go into architecture. In a way, I think architecture had a strong impact on my art style and expression.

I have asked various artists about this question and their answers vary! 

How did the COVID-19 lockdown affect your art practice?

It bore a two-sided effect on people. I lean towards the positive side. During the lockdown, I wasn’t in school so I was able to focus solely on my arts. It helped me develop my current art style. I began to create works that resonated well with people. I learned how to properly sell my art pieces commercially.

Tell me about the type of medium you enjoy using in your paintings?

I love my paintings to be smooth.

When I want a specific texture to really pop, I use oil paint.

I also use different types of media. It depends on the work which in turn determines the texture I would create. The main medium is oil paint.

How did you come with the idea of this painting “SELF-IMPRISONMENT”?

I think it was a reflection of my hidden circumstances then and now. It was a personal artwork, a basic expression of how I felt.

You have got a dynamic style that brings out the subject matter in your work perfectly, could you describe how you approach and choose the subject you intend to depict when working on a piece?

When I have an idea, I immediately pen it down and sketch something out. Sometimes, I begin to sketch then I stop. The pieces that people see are those that made it through the entire process; 

idea=> sketch=> output.

If it is something that I feel is really good, I move forward with it.

What inspired your painting “A MOTHER’S CRY”? 

Was it a personal or shared experience?

Oh No!

It was about the End SARS Movement.

I created it to represent the feelings of the families that lost their children. I assumed the mother to be the family. I also know that mothers feel the most pain.

Most times, we see paintings of bullet shells, blood splattered on the victims of circumstance. What message did you hope to pass from painting the mother? 

I wanted it to reflect what the livings were going through.

I noticed you love drawing women. Why is this so?

I just think women are very pretty (laughs)

Women are Strong and Dynamic.

I wanted to show that back women are very beautiful.

Which of your previous works would you say is your favorite?

I don’t think I have any favorite.

I personally do not like my works initially, I have to post them first.

Let people critically evaluate and appreciate my works then I begin to see the true beauty.

Above all, I like the painting “TO NEW BEGINNINGS “.

What role has social media’s influence had on your career?

It has really helped me.

I have not particularly had any negativity from social media. I am not really in the art circle, social media landed me clients and also the opportunity to meet fellow artists. I couldn’t have achieved all this without social media.

Breaking into the art market can prove quite difficult, was there a time you decided to quit?


(Laughs) I will rather quit architecture than arts.

What can you not do without in the studio?

Paint and pencil. I basically work with these materials.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

There are lots of people I look up to. The likes of Chigozie Obi, Chidinma Nnoli.

I also like Aykutmaykut. He is a surrealist artist. This type of art intrigued me a lot.

Do you think you might venture into surrealist art?

Well, I feel my art has some basic elements of surrealism.

I recently found that you are into fashion. How is the fashion industry treating you?

(Laughs ) I am a fashion designer. I make clothes. My experience in the fashion world has been good. It pays the bills.

In the quest to better ourselves and crafts, we tend to mount so much pressure on ourselves and that can be self-harmful. 

What are your top tips for keeping a creative headspace?

If I feel a bit differently, I look around my art space. I like my environment clean and brushes neatly placed. If it isn’t clean, I tend to get worked up.

I also sketch when I feel that my creativity bank is low.

I watch lots of movies and also get inspiration from looking at other artists’ works.

I keep trying and I also try not to hurt myself.

I find your painting “TO NEW BEGINNINGS” very interesting! 

What exactly do you hope to pass across with such a painting?

“To New Beginnings” was an encouragement to myself and everyone. When things get bad, we have the opportunity to grow with people and pull ourselves together. It would take a lot of work but we will definitely pull through.

Did Covid-19 lockdown influence the painting “TO NEW BEGINNINGS”?

Yes, it did.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I think it is a two-way street for me. Some days I might want to go out, other days I want to be indoors. I am sitting on the fence.

With regards to new beginnings, would you have any advice for emerging artists trying to develop their careers?

Keep trying,

Keep pushing.

Also, reach out to people for help and assistance.

Surprisingly, people will definitely help, all you have to do is ASK.

Find your tribe.

Be consistent, even if you don’t like the end product, you will definitely enjoy the journey.

Finally, what has the rest of 2021 got in store for you?

Anything you can let us in.

I am working on some new pieces and also exploring new media.

I am looking forward to my exhibition.

Thank you so much for sharing a part of you with us today.

You are definitely an Inspiration.


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