She loves wearing big earrings, she calls them (Digeke Ring) She would tell me stories about how man considered her as a beautiful lady when she wore those earrings not knowing that it wasn’t about the earrings it was about the lady wearing them, it clicked to me just like gold that needed a bit of sunlight to glitter her earrings gave the same feeling, She then told me how they were categorized with prostitution in Diepsloot, but she loved them regardless of other people’s views, she knew she could change and give those earrings a different meaning in the area and on a global scale.

The earrings are ridiculously big and sketched in a gold/yellow ochre colour to depict the reflection of gold, since we know gold shines, the reflection of gold from her jaws is the reflection from within that radiates out and the reflection of the earrings made it easier for me to reveal that Golden character she has, so instead of calling the artwork gold or any other name, I chose Mmagauta from the stories she told me and her rare character and that she is a Northern Sotho (Sepedi) the language we both speak.


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