A lot of people love African art because of its unique characteristics and designs that show the rich and diverse culture and history of African culture. This type of African art comes in various forms such as sculptures, masks, paintings, and dolls which you can purchase for your personal collection or decorate your home.

These are the major characteristics of contemporary African art:

Collage Stylized Realism

Contemporary african art in form of collage painting. An african inspired collage painting of an african palwine tapper

When you look at different pieces of African art, you’ll notice that many resemble the human figure or sometimes combine humans and animals. However, they are not flat paintings but African collage paintings. For instance, dolls may look like human beings with disproportionate body parts in a painting.

Dynamic Form

African contemporary art in form of wooden Sango african sculpture. Elegant and well polished african sculpture ancient

Long necks, large heads and arms, pointed breasts, and the like are often found in the subject of African art. These are examples of the notable dynamic forms in this African art, representing power, and boldness.

Clear Details

Contemporary african art showing sculpture of obatala. African inspired wooden culture, ancient african sculpture, tribal african sculpture

You will also discover how contemporary African art exhibits fine craftsmanship, with the clear details done with precision and skill. Indeed these things are the ones that also contribute to the great quality of African artworks.

Unique Figures


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