The Red Man Limited Gold Edition (12″x17″) | Functions of african art
The Red Man Limited Gold Edition (12″x17″)

You might already be familiar with features of African artworks, African culture, paintings on this blog, but we are yet to write about the “why?” of African Art. What it depicts and the deeper meaning it has to an african at home or diaspora and african enthusiasts.

African art goes beyond just painting, wood calving, molding and drawing, they also depict deeper meanings that only Africans or people who ever lived in any African country can relate to easily. Some of these are memories, traditional religion, communal settings, african family background etc.

African arts can be created in form of; pencil drawing, collage painting, sculptures, flat paintings and many more. The process and materials used in creating these artworks are little to no different than non- African arts. The image below is a painting showing you what it was like for an african child in 80’s and early 90’s to view a television; trust me, these were happy moments for these kids back then;

The ones with the Crown | Functions of african art
Title: The ones with the Crown

Here are the Amazing functions of African art you want to know of:

  • For Interior Decor: African art has been vastly used as home beautifiers, through hanging the paintings on the wall. Paintings are not the only african art that could be used as decoration, there are sculptures and so many others that could be used. African art is widely used by African Enthusiasts to decorate their living room, kitchen, bedroom, even offices and it’s always Elegantly Beautiful, you might want to try this too.
Iyipada | Functions of african art
Living room Decor with Hanging “IYIPADA” Painting
  • For Ostentation Purposes: African art has a long history of ancient historical beliefs, there are original versions of some sculptures that were worshiped as gods, used as remembrance of past heroes and so on. Some of these original artworks can be owned and kept safe since they cannot be found anywhere else, they increase in auction values with time and the older they get. These types of artworks are considered as sacred and some can be found from buyavrika too.
Ori Olokun | Functions of african art
Ori Olokun (Head of Oduduwa, Wood Sculpture)
  • For remembrance of past African Heroes: Africa has 52 countries in it and each country has diverse of cultural beliefs and background. For instance in Nigeria, the Yoruba Culture history have significant people like Moremi, Sango, Obatala as heroes, because of their heroic significance. Many years after they lived, early African artists made statues and carvings to represent and remember their courage, these types of artworks are remade today and kept to remember history.
Functions of african art | Sango olukoso
Sango Olukoso Sculpture
  • As Cultural, Emotional triggers: Africa as a multi cultural continent, has alot of differentials in how Africans relate to their history or past experiences. Some people might see an artwork and remember the gods they worshiped in their village, some might just remember their childhood experiences before technology, some might perceive mother’s love in an African home. People who have a deeper connection with Africa from past till present, can have an emotion triggered when a work of art is spotted, since they can relate to the story the art is telling. Any African man/lady who experienced the image below during childhood can understand what it deeply felt like back then, through appreciation of the painting.
Road to Success | Functions of African Art
Title: Road to Success ( African Mothers and children with fruits)

There are still other functions of African art that we didn’t mention in this blog post, so it would not bore you.

If you enjoy this article and want more enlightenment, you can leave a comment below and it might trigger and second post to further explain the various amazing functions of African art that you have never heard of.


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