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My body my right

The painting depicts how female should not be forced to accept sexual harassment as a price of admission to life and career in the political word, they should not have to endure unwanted touching inn...

$780.00 - $750.00
I Heard a Rumor

Dinma spotted her as soon as she entered the room. Rather, she spotted ‘it’. It being the solid gold bangle on Ufuoma’s wrist. It was identical to the one she received from Mide for their one y...

Orisa Oshun

Portrays a modern reincarnation of Oshun; the river goddess. In the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, West-Africa, Oshun is typically associated with water, purity, love, fertility and sensuality. She is cons...

No Sleep

I dreamt of this same man for three days straight. Him floating in an ocean filled with rose petals is the most calming thing my mind has ever shown me. I do no understand a thing about this vision; ...

The Old Man

I quit art; actually I would have quit making art if not for the Old Man. The Old Man talked me through a very tough time in my life. I was in a deep pit and a dark solemn voice brought me out of the...

Beautiful black and bold

The art piece depicts the african beauty, black girls are exqusite beauty in every shade, black female have that special beauty and boldness in them that can't just be ignored, been a black girl you ...

$750.00 - $730.00
Scantily clad

Titled: scantily clad Medium :acrylic on canvas Year :2022 Size: 4ft by 4ft . Tell her she’s captivating. It’s not just about her curves and smoking-hot body, there’s something about the ent...

$2,500.00 - $200.00
Fishing party

Had a short visit to Epe- a place of interest in Lagos state renown for fishing and it left an imprint in my mind. Its physical nature has changed now due to rapid urbanization. I tried to create t...


I tried to imagine how ancient African cultures entertained themselves. Troupe is an expression of that thought . An group of people who understand themselves in motion and space ,well able to arti...

Iya Dollaz

An on going series showing the beauty of African culture


Had to imagine a member of ancient African Royalty/court,a nobleman,upright in heart ,word and deed an equivalent of what might be known as a Knight.

ASIWAJU (Those who fight in front)

Inter-communal clashes were rife in ancient African societies, struggle for wealth, power,land or other such resources .This is a depiction of such struggle,a graphic capture of an ancient tribe and ...

Bush baby

While in boarding school there were urban legends of nocturnal entities which claimed the nights as their playground. As such,unexplained noises and anomalies experienced at such times were attribute...


It’s dark how I feel, trust isn’t familiar anymore. The ache is feeling, and if that’s what I get, I deserve it.

$120.00 - $100.00
A toast

I got inspired when I came across two couples sitted in a park and gisting. I noticed how into each other they were and holding each other while they discussed.

$2,500.00 - $2,100.00

Ancient African rural neighborhood were everyone knows everyone


The fabled Titan Hunter of Ancient Benin Mythology.

Aro meta (3 gods)

Was intrigued by the christian concept of "the Trinity" and thought about conceptualizing the same for the African Pantheon of Gods


SISI is an expression of female facial beauty known to the native people of Yoruba tribes in Lagos Nigeria . My aim is to recreate beauty in an abstract form through the expression of lines and col...

$500.00 - $450.00

I tried to envision what the Ancient African Deities wore as facial armour for war


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